Dear Valued Customer,

As more and more countries implement stricter measures to mitigate further spread of COVID-19, we experience further disruptions, not least on airfreight due to the majority of airlines ceasing operation of passenger aircrafts, and thereby limiting belly cargo capacity. In isolated cases we also experience disruptions on ocean freight and road freight, but overall not to the extent seen on airfreight.

With China continuing to recover and getting closer to operating at full capacity, we see other major countries now being impacted heavily, and latest India has announced a full general lock-down for 21 days. However as we speak, all ports and airports are preliminary only confirmed closed until March 31. As opposed to other lockdowns around the globe over the last weeks, ocean ports, CFS stations and airports are also impacted by the lock-down with all transports in and out of India coming to a near standstill, with the exception of a few high priority commodities as aid cargo and medical supplies. The situation in India is spreading to other sub-continent countries as Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, lockdown in these countries is not as severe as in the case of India with logistics facilities remaining open, albeit operating at a reduced capacity level.

An intensified situation in the US is also apparent with significant disruptions on the airfreight side due to suspension of passenger flights. Ocean freight and domestic transportation in the US continues to operate at a near-normal level. However, some level of disruption and subsequently delays can be expected on these transport modes as well.

For further details on specific countries and mode of transport see our overview here.